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From Dag Liodden <lo...@liodden.no>
Subject RE: Possible contributions to ChainSaw
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 08:47:55 GMT

OK, I just send the sources. There are changes to most files, so I guess
it will be easier.

Now, even if ChainSaw is useful, it's quite limited. What we need is a
complete management console for our server apps. I've looked around
jakarta and haven't seen any integrated Log4J and/or JMX GUIs. To me it
would be very interesting to contribute to such a project. Developing
components like chainsaw for Log4J, something similar for Phoenix
Instrumentables or JMX (I havent really had time to get into the JMX
concepts yet, but we currenctly use something similar to the
Instrumentables in Phoenix in our server solution at the moment and are
thinking about porting), drop them into a management container and create
a full-fledged management tool.

If anyone knows of such a project or wants to get into it, please drop me
a line! :)

Cheers for now,


BTW: Why is there so little activity on this list?

> Hi,
> Great to hear that you have started to contribute to an Open Source
> project!
> The changes you have made to Chainsaw sound very useful. The best way
> to get the changes in would be to send me the changes you have made.
> Either a patch files, or the modified files is fine.
> I will then apply and test the changes, then commit them in.
> Cheers,
> Oliver

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