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From eric rose <e...@forge.com.au>
Subject Re: Default rendering and arrays
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 00:21:17 GMT

Ceki Gülcü wrote:
| Hi Eric,
| Although it is not possible to configure rendering for array classes in
| a configuration script, it is possible to do so programattically. Have
| you tried to do the following?

This was the first idea I had, but it was quickly apparent to me that
this approach is cumbersome if there are a large number of classes
involved. We develop management systems and typically we have in the
order of 100 various 'managed object' types.

A quick test of trying to log an array of doubles shows that the
suggested rendering doesn't work as suggested unless you add the statement.

~    h.setRenderer(double[].class, ar);

Unfortunately this trick doesn't work with Object[].class, and we would
have to associate the ArrayRenderer with all 100 types of managed
objects, and then have a very large if() construction to maintain.

As far as I can see the only way to render an arbitrary array is to
change the behaviour of the default renderer and let all arrays fall
through to it. What I have ended up doing, is create my own Hierarchy
with a default renderer that has the following logic:

~   if (o.getClass().isArray()) {
~      Object[] array = (Object[]) o;
~      StringBuffer buffy = new StringBuffer("[");
~      Object elt;
~      String renderedElt;
~      for (int i = 0; i < array.length-1; i++) {
~         elt = array[i];
~         renderedElt = myRenderer.findAndRender(elt);
~         buffy.append(renderedElt).append(", ");
~      }
~      elt = array[array.length-1];
~      renderedElt = myRenderer.findAndRender(elt);
~      buffy.append(renderedElt).append("]");
~      return buffy.toString();
~   } else {
~      return o.toString();
~   }

I'm still ironing out some issues on the Hierarchy side, but this has
enabled me to print arrays in useful form.


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