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From Mark Womack <mwom...@bevocal.com>
Subject RE: [VOTE] New committers
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2003 21:32:47 GMT
> how can Scott and Paul work on the UI without granting
> them commit access? Should we copy the UI part to log4j-sandbox?
> I very much prefer to grant committer access to developers with long
> and proven track records. However, how do we reconcile doctrine with
> practical constraints?

This will be an issue for anyone in the sandbox that wants to work on
modifying the core log4j classes.  My take is that they should be allowed to
check in modified versions of the core class into the sandbox in their own
sandbox space.  They would need to set their sandbox build script to
build/jar their new class in an "override" jar and explain how to set the
classpath.  Since we have already decided that nothing in the log4j-sandbox
will have an "official" release, then it should not be a problem.  If the
changes are "accepted" then their changes get moved into core log4j at some

Specifically to Scott's version of Chainsaw, I think we all agreed that we
needed to modify the Chainsaw design/base so that multiple gui's could be
supported.  We did (most) of those changes, but I think there are some other
core changes Scott needs (new LoggingEvent/LocationInfo constructors).  We
(log4j core committers) can make those changes (I just haven't had a chance
to yet).

> Let me emphaisize that the present discussion should not be taken
> personally by either Paul or Scott. In principle, before granting
> commit access we (existing log4j committers) expect sustained
> involvement for at least six months.  I very much hope the present
> discussion is not interpreted the wrong way.

I also want to emphasize this point.  At some point, these issues need to be
discussed openly and without malice or personality.  I'm very happy that the
log4j community is able to do this without the rancor I have seen present on
other mailing lists.


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