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From "Oliver Burn" <oli...@puppycrawl.com>
Subject RE: Busy Bees
Date Thu, 01 May 2003 23:11:47 GMT
> Thanks - it's been a lot of fun and Paul and I have been able to build
> on eachother's work and get some good functionality in there - Paul's
> doing some great usability stuff as well (menus/accelerators, etc).

Cool - that is one of the main attractions of Open Source software.

> I wanted to bring up the fact that if people get a chance I'd like them
> to go over the non-chainsaw package changes we've made that are in the
> sandbox (specifically, I added an alternate constructor to LoggingEvent
> and ThrowableInformation to get the reconstruction of loggingevents
> that contained exceptions to not have the reconstructor's stack in the
> throwable).

I understand why you have made these changes. I developed a workaround
class that can be removed with this change. I would suggest posting a
patch with your proposed changes.

> Last night I added save functionality - all events (even those filtered
> out of the current display) for the selected tab get written to disk as
> xml - an alternate fileappender.  Paul wrote the load capability - so
> now you can get logging events in to & out of the UI as XML.

Now that is really nice.

Keep up the good work.

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