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From "Matt Munz" <mm...@apelon.com>
Subject RE: Patch: Override ExitAction in Chainsaw
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2003 01:44:32 GMT
  I'm going on vacation and won't be able to look at Chainsaw v2 until next month :( 
  For my application, the primary feature I'd like to see is the ability to treat Chainsaw
as a software component, rather than just as a standalone application.  This means making
sure that System.exit() is never called, or is limited to one overrideable point, as indicated
in the patch I sent.  
  Just as log4j is embedded within my application, it makes sense to me that a log4j GUI would
be embedded in the GUI for my application.  The more OO/componetized Chainsaw is, the better
for my purposes. This would also be useful in embedding Chainsaw in other applications like
IDEs and server administration consoles.  Something as simple as a ChainsawPanel that I could
add to my GUI would be really cool...
  BTW, I just had my first use for NDC -- whoever is responsible for this design, thanks --
it's always nice to find a generic solution that actually fits my specific problem...
  - Matt

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	From: Paul Smith [mailto:Paul.Smith@lawlex.com.au] 
	Sent: Thu 7/10/2003 7:17 PM 
	To: 'Log4J Developers List' 
	Subject: RE: Patch: Override ExitAction in Chainsaw

	Hi Matt,
	Thanks for the patch, but unfortunately the old Chainsaw is now replaced
	with the new version in CVS, so I don't think I can apply this one. I'm not
	aware of any discussion of an interim 1.2.9 release, I think we're just
	working our way towards 1.3.
	I haven't had a chance to do much Chainsaw v2 work lately, but if you are
	game, perhaps you could try out the new Chainsaw running in-Vm with your
	app?  I think I have some spare mental-bandwidth at the moment to help out
	with any issues you have.  You're scenario would be a good test for us, as I
	don't think we've done much testing along this line, and I would be really
	keen to ensure it works really well.
	Paul Smith
	> -----Original Message-----
	> From: Matt Munz [mailto:mmunz@apelon.com]
	> Sent: Friday, 11 July 2003 8:39 AM
	> To: log4j-dev@jakarta.apache.org
	> Subject: Patch: Override ExitAction in Chainsaw
	> Hi all,
	>   This is probably fixed in the latest Chainsaw, but I
	> thought I'd forward this patch against 1.2.8 anyway.  In the
	> two attached files, the only change is to allow one to pass
	> in the Action object that is registered with close events.  I
	> needed this functionality to run Chainsaw in-VM with my application.
	>   BTW, will there be a 1.2.9 release including the Chainsaw
	> changes, or will I have to wait for 1.3?
	>   - Matt
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