Looks like your code is working as you said - you create a new file and an appender...but you never write to it...  :)
Can you show us the code that's doing the logging?
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Subject: Log4J Unix file logging problem


I'm trying to log in a file under Linux (I'm the root) using a simple example.

The problem is that Iog4j effectively creates the file, but doesn't write into it.

Under windows, I don't have this problem using the same code. (so it's not a path problem).

Any specific behavior with unix systems?

Here is my code.

Thanks in advance.


        private void test() {


                WriterAppender writerAppender = new WriterAppender();

                writerAppender.setLayout(new SimpleLayout());


                FileOutputStream fos = null;

                OutputStreamWriter osw = null;

                try {

                        fos = new FileOutputStream("/yep.log");

                        osw = new OutputStreamWriter(fos);


                } catch (FileNotFoundException e) {