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From "Scott Heaberlin" <heabd...@yahoo.com>
Subject Status of Log4j 1.3 release
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2004 00:44:57 GMT
Hello all -

I am curious as to the progress towards the 1.3 release.  I keep
revisiting the "Workplan" page on the logging/log4j site and see what
appear to be old statuses - for example, after following this mailing
list for some time, I'd say that "Improvements to Chainsaw" are much
further along than "under discussion" (I am an active v2 cvs builder and
user myself), "overture to other languages" is further than "not
started" - after all, there is the apache-logging project now
encompassing log4j as well as log4<other platforms>.  I believe Joran
(though I must admit I'm not too familiar with it yet) is the
implementation of the "Extensible XML configuration files" item, and it
is at least beyond the "design board" as indicated on the website
because there are Joran implementation classes already in cvs. 

Is there any chance someone could update the workplan page to show the
progress towards 1.3?  I am often asked, "When are those
Senders/Receivers you talk about all the time going to be released", and
while I have a general idea how things are from lurking on the mailing
list, I must admit I don't read everything so my "overall picture" may
be skewed somewhat.

Just a thought,

-Scott Heaberlin

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