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From James Stauffer <jstau...@spscommerce.com>
Subject DateFormatFileAppender
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 15:24:42 GMT
I posted a message to the user list titled "Logs separated by year/mon/day."
It doesn't look like any current appenders support what I am trying to do so
I wrote a new appender (attached).  It works but probably needs to be
cleaned up (formatting, etc) to fit in log4j.  (The only change I made after
my last run with it was to change the package.)  I also don't know if I did
things the "preferred" way.  It is a simple class.  It just overrides
setFile(String, boolean, bufferedIO, bufferSize) to format the given
fileName and produce another fileName (producing directories as necessary).
Is this something that you would be interested in having in log4j?  If yes,
I can clean it up more and follow any advice you have.  I tried bugzilla but
it appears to be down right now.  Questions and comments are welcome.

James Stauffer



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