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From "Steve Mactaggart" <st...@golftime.com.au>
Subject RE: Proposed Enhancments to HTMLLayout
Date Wed, 12 May 2004 03:44:53 GMT

> Couldn't each line be represented by one pattern? e.g. the 
> pattern string
> might be:
> <td>%C</td><td>%M</td> ......
> You get what I mean..  I would have thought that a 
> PatternLayout string
> could handle each row's data in a single call.  Unless I'm missing
> something.

It could, but doesn't allow for cell formatting based on the data type or
the content to be placed in the cell.
	When logging an ERROR, you might want to change the background of
the ERROR's cell to be red, like <td color="red">ERROR</td>.
	or Right Justify the method, and left justify the line number,

For the ERROR example you would probably want the entire row highlighted, so
its outside the parsing anway (in the TR), but there may be cases where the
formatting of the individual cell needs highlighting.  Currently the
existing HTMLLayout does formatting on a cell basis, I just wanted to keep
this functionality.  

To do this, you would need to dynamically modify the <td>'s attributes based
on content, and so have to process each <td> worth of data seperatly.

> > What's the chance of getting this addition to the PatternParser's?
> > 
> Propose a more detailed change that you think is reasonable, 
> and useful, and
> it should always be received well, but I guess it'll depend 
> how it is.  Good
> thinking though.

Will do.

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