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From Paul Smith <Paul.Sm...@lawlex.com.au>
Subject RE: Web start app & Certificates - redux
Date Wed, 05 May 2004 07:47:05 GMT
> Note that "thawtepersonalfreemailca" is on the list...

Yup, that's how we got Chainsaw working internally.  I had to sign the
dependant jars too (so I signed the ORO jars needed by  Chainsaw).  I
however registered my "lawlex.com.au" email address, which is not something
someone outside our business would necessarily trust.  

> Once Paul gets his key signed by Thawte Personal Freemail CA, 
> he can sign 
> the relevant jar files. If users complain or do not trust 
> Paul's signature, 
> we can jump in by getting our own certificates and either sign Paul's 
> signatures or sign the relevant jars or even both.
> Paul, the above sounds very much like what you had mind, correct?

Yeah. I am hoping to get a free personal certificate for my apache.org email
address.  Perhaps we could all do that, and then we can all potentially sign
the Jars needed for download.

As long as the foundation has no objections to this approach (having us sign
jars, and packages from other Apache projects like ORO) with our apache.org
email account), it should work well.


Paul Smith

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