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From Paul Smith <Paul.Sm...@lawlex.com.au>
Subject RE: Receiver Socket connection/reconnect problems (was RE: reconn ecting to SocketHubAppender)
Date Tue, 25 May 2004 03:04:03 GMT
> Paul, et al,
> Thanks for reporting and tracking down this bug!  But just to 
> be clear, the
> Receiver is going to attempt the reconnect, right?  Not the 
> appender?  The
> whole point of the SocketHubAppender it that it does not spend any
> time/resources trying to reconnect socket connections, that 
> way it is less
> of a resource drain on the source side.  That and it is more 
> flexible to
> connect to than SocketAppender.  I just want to make sure.
> thanks,
> -Mark

The intent is that it is the SocketHubReceiver that is doing the
reconnection.  However, one of my recent code changes was to the SocketNode
class, which is used by a few classes, although the change really means that
the registered listeners to the SocketNode get notified when the socket
dies.  It is then up to the listener to interpret what to do with that
information.  In the case of the SocketHubReceiver it now properly fires up
a Connector thread to go looking for the downed (and hopefully
soon-to-be-back-up) remote host.  

Prior to this change, SHReceiver, or any of the other listeners, did not got
told the socket was dead, and hence, never tried to reconnect.

I have visually inspected the SocketHubAPPENEDER class, and I cannot see
where it might be affected, as it does not use SocketNode at all.

hope that helps.


Paul Smith

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