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From "Paul Smith" <psm...@aconex.com>
Subject RE: A Multiplex Appender
Date Sun, 17 Oct 2004 22:09:33 GMT
> I don't think o.a.l.rolling.multiplex.MultiplexRollingFileAppender has
> much   to   do   with   rolling   but   mostly   about   multiplexing.
> MultiplexFileAppender       could       multiplex       FileAppenders,
> RollingFileAppenders,  SyslogAppenders,  DBAppenders,  so  on  and  so
> forth.    Using   Joran's   implicit   rules,   you   can   attach   a
> MultiplexAppenderFactory in  config files quite  easily.  For example,
> you   would   most  probably   want   to   pass   parameters  to   the
> MultiplexAppenderFactory instance  and that can  be accomplished  with
> the help of Joran. See DBApepnder and ConnectionSources for an example.
> So, to answer your questions:
> 1) You should commit.
> 2) No need to go through the sandbox.
> 3) Separating the mutiplexing from the  rolling would be a good design
> choice. Having  MultiplexAppender being able to  encapsulate all sorts
> of appenders would offer much more flexibility.

Cool..  I will move everyting to org.apache.log4j.multiplex, and create a
test case that uses Joran.

I will make MultiplexAppender a simpler class than it is now, focussing on
just having a MultiplexSelector as it's main property, and create a couple
of other sub-classes that handle the 2 use-cases that I think are the most
prevalent (split by MDC or by Level).

I might come back to the list with some Joran related questions, once I've
hade a look at the DBAppender & ConnectionSource examples.


Paul Smith

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