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From Scott Heaberlin <heabd...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Reconsideration of features for 1.3 (Re: slf4j and log4j)
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 03:49:46 GMT
I would think that Chainsaw (as mentioned by Endre as an example in
the other thread)  would need to be withheld until at least 1.3 if not
an alluded-to 2.0 major release.  IIRC, chainsaw v2 utilizes the new
plugin / receiver framework and as a user I'd be a little hesitant to
switch to a 1.2.9+ knowing it incorporated major changes like this
while at present it is only being tested "out there" by projects
utilizing 1.3alpha.  On a related note, I believe the structure of the
XMLLayout in 1.2.x is incompatible with the xml format needed by
chainsaw v2 (at least that is what i ran into with early builds of
v2). If this is still true, then including chainsaw v2 with a 1.2.x
release will only lead to confusion.

Just my $.02,

-Scott Heaberlin

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