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From Curt Arnold <carn...@apache.org>
Subject Re: The next 1.3 alpha release
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 15:44:39 GMT

On Sep 1, 2005, at 10:10 AM, Jacob Kjome wrote:

> Quoting Mark Womack <mwomack@apache.org>:
> Looks like the next version of SLF4J will have Marker's removed  
> from the
> interface (1).  Hopefully this will happen in the near future so  
> that it can be
> integrated with Log4j-1.3 before the snapshot release.  Should be a  
> simpler
> effort than what it took to produce the patch Curt wrote up to  
> support a recent
> version of SLF4J.
> (1) http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=slf4j-dev&m=112523535004386&w=2

If the timing is to get something out next week, I'd suggest building  
the CVS HEAD without slf4j support for the snapshot release.  I have  
not confirmed, but my suspicion is that an slf4j-enabled log4j would  
require an slf4j*.jar on the classpath, potentially one from a  
specific beta of slf4j, to properly function.  The previous alpha did  
not have SLF4J support, so not having SLF4J support in the binary  
distribution would not be a regression.

> BTW, are we ready to say that Log4j-1.3 will support JDK1.3 as a  
> minimum after
> jumping through hoops to get Log4j-1.2.12 compatible with JDK1.1+  
> (which was a
> valiant, and necessary, effort given the promises made for minimum  
> JDK support
> for the 1.2 branch)?  User's have their 1.2.12 release for earier  
> JDK's.  If
> they aren't willing to upgrade the JDK, what are the chances  
> they'll be madly
> keeping up with versions of other dependencies?  Let's be realistic  
> and make
> life easier for developers and users alike.

I'd like to investigate before making a decision to drop running on  
JDK 1.2.  I'd have no problem with dropping the requirement to build  
on JDK 1.2 and coding around known javac compiler bugs.

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