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From "Jar Lyons" <jarly...@gmail.com>
Subject Proposal
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2007 04:00:46 GMT
Log4j Community,

I have just updated my sourceforge project for the NagiosAppender
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/nagiosappender), and I would like to
know if there is any interest in adding it to the list of 3rd party
extensions on your log4j site.

Nagios is a monitoring tool which has seen a significant increase in
popularity in recent years.   The typical pattern is simple: if you
want to monitor a 'thing' on a server, write a function that 'checks'
on the service, and have it return one of a handful of recognized
codes.  Then register the function with nagios to be run on set

Polling, depending on the implementation, can be a problem in and of
itself, as you can easily end up with blocking processes, particularly
when there is something going wrong in the system.

Fortunately, Nagios also supports the push model, wherein a native
agent, using a Nagios specific protocol, can 'push' messages to the
Nagios server.

The appender I have written, the NatiosAppender, is a pure Java
implementation of the agent protocol.  That means that any Java based
application that can be configured to use log4j is a perfect candidate
for monitoring via Nagios without compiling in any additional

I look forward to hearing your opinions!!

Jar Lyons

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