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From Paul Smith <psm...@aconex.com>
Subject Re: log4j 1.3 PatternLayout repackaging and initial log4j 2.0 work
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2007 21:59:44 GMT

On 14/04/2007, at 1:11 AM, Curt Arnold wrote:

> I've been thinking that it might be good to repackage the log4j 1.3  
> PatternLayout so that it can be used in conjunction with existing  
> versions of log4j 1.2.x.  The process that I'd see is:
> 1. Fix cosmetic Checkstyle/PMD reported problems for PatternLayout  
> and associated classes on log4j/trunk
> 2. Create a sandbox project similar to recent expression-filter  
> project and copy code over

Should we rather have a log4j-extensions module instead of 1 for each  
extra-bit?  Is there an advantage to having such fine grained  
extension modules?

> 4. Change the package or classname to  
> org.apache.log4j13.PatternLayout or o.a.l.PatternLayout13 so that  
> it could be used in conjunction with log4j 1.2.x.

I'd vote for the former, simply because we're likely to use  
org.apache.log4j20 or similar for the next version.

> Actual log4j 2.0 would branch off from step 3 above.
> 1. Adopt JDK 1.5-isms internally: StringBuilder instead of  
> StringBuffer, Typed containers, etc

First though, should we sit back ever so slightly and document up  
some overarching goals/principles we wish to follow for log4j2 as  
well as a general overall high level design, and plan of attack?    
Sort of a 'vision' statement?

I'm very keen to encourage other developers to want to participate  
and having this openly visible gives everyone a similar reference  
point to aim at.    We obviously need not be hasty in granting  
committer privs, but I would dearly love to build up the dev  
community to ensure it's health.



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