bear in mind that svn can use multiple connections to communicate, and often asks you for each connection.  I've seen this before, usually it's only 3 times, and then it seems to work.

we use svn here at Aconex and I've seen it do that to me.

On 04/04/2007, at 4:32 PM, Jacob Kjome wrote:

At 12:47 AM 4/4/2007, you wrote:
>On Apr 4, 2007, at 12:37 AM, Jacob Kjome wrote:
>> I checked out with a URL that looks like....
>I've never needed to specify username:password in the URL.  Should
>only need credentials on commit.

I tried checking out without the username:password@ in the URL and found no difference in behavior.  It still doesn't work.

>> Then I modified download.xml and tried to check it in.  I got a
>> popup message asking for authorization.  I entered my username and
>> password and hit ok.  The popup just reappears asking for username/
>> password again.  If I hit "cancel", I get...
>Did you set the SVN password by running svnpass on your account on
>  Maybe you should try to set it again in case it
>was reset.

Was I supposed to do something like this?  To tell you the truth, I'm not sure I've checked anything in since we moved from CVS to SVN.  Was there some sort of infrastructure stuff I was supposed to perform along with this migration that I'm not aware of?  "svnpass" does not appear to be a valid command under my account.  What do I need to do to set this stuff up?


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