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From Jess Holle <je...@ptc.com>
Subject Re: Changing logging levels in Log4J dynamically?
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2007 11:36:53 GMT
Jacob Kjome wrote:
> Will Sargent wrote:
>> Jacob Kjome wrote:
>>> I'm not so familiar with the JMX stuff, but if you are using this in 
>>> an application server, you can use something like LogWeb...
>>> http://www.codeczar.com/projects/components/logweb/index.html
>>> BTW, this really is a log4j-user list question, not a log4j-dev list 
>>> mail.  Please use the proper list.  You'll probably get more 
>>> response there anyway.
>> I'd argue that this is a log4j-dev question.  The question is not 
>> "How do you do this?"  I know there are multiple ways in which this 
>> can be done, and I've even listed a few myself.
>> The question I'm asking more along the lines of "Is there any ability 
>> (or declared intent) for doing this as part of the log4j core 
>> library, without writing too much code?"
> I think there's opportunities for that in the extras modules.  I think 
> the core will more or less be maintained and bug fixed... and later 
> rewritten, if anyone actually finds the time to do it.  But the 
> extras, which are a more recent phenomenon are more amenable to 
> additions.  I'm not sure how much thought the other developers have 
> given to this.  I don't have the time.  But I think it's a great 
> opportunity for someone to contribute something that could actually be 
> released as an official log4j package, albeit not the core.
It's not worth the compatibility break, but otherwise I'd argue the JMX 
stuff (however brilliantly it is or is not working) should be in extras, 
not the core library anyway.

Certainly a "skinny" version of the log4j jar without this and various 
bits one wouldn't usually want to do from a client enough to pay for 
them in the download (e.g. e-mail and JDBC logging) would be a nice 
thing to have.  Obviously anyone can make one, it would be nice to have 
one in the distribution.

Jess Holle

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