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From Jess Holle <je...@ptc.com>
Subject Re: Log4J 2.0
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2008 13:08:10 GMT
Ralph Goers wrote:
> The website says there is an experimental branch for log4j 2.0 
> development, but I can't seem to find it. I looked at the wiki and I 
> don't see anything there discussing what log4j 2.0 should be. A month 
> or so ago I searched the archives and did find the discussions around 
> stopping 1.3 and some discussion about 2.0 but that just seemed to die.
> I am very interested in a "new and improved" log4j and would love to 
> be involved in making that happen. But before writing any code it 
> might be nice to document just what 2.0 should be. For example, I 
> believe there is general agreement that 2.0 should leverage Java 1.5. 
> But what about implementing AOP constructs such as automatic method 
> entry and exit logging, borrowing from some of the features added to 
> SLF4J such as Markers and TurboFilters, etc.
My big item for 2.0 is better handling of multi-threading (better thread 
safety, less locking, less granular locking, more efficient locking 
constructs courtesy of Java 5, etc).  As per threads on this list I've 
made my own stabs at point improvements in this area on top of 1.2 for 
my usage, but can quite understand that this is not the way to go for 
the 1.2.x stream.

For AOP I've found it quite easy to just use AspectJ to trigger calling 
log4j when/where I want.  I'm not sure what advantage it would give to 
lock folk into a particular AOP toolset.  It might be good to have 
extras bundles for use of log4j with one or more popular AOP tools, though.

Jess Holle

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