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From Oliver Frietsch <da-mailing-lis...@friets.ch>
Subject Re: Up-to-date build instructions for Apache chainsaw?
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2008 07:48:56 GMT
Hello Paul,

Paul Smith schrieb:
> I've just committed an import change to the affected class that fixes 
> the issue for me in Eclipse, but doesn't really explain why it's working 
> on the command line (I'm using the Maven Eclipse plugin, so it should be 
> the same..).  At any rate, the Assert import that was being used 
> previously is odd.  Try with an 'svn update;mvn install' on the extras 
> and see if it works now.

The junit error disappeared, yet two tests fail. Output attached in ZIP 

>> After this error, I was adventurous enough to try to build Chainsaw 
>> even without it. Surprisingly, it seems to compile, but afterwards, 
>> the tests
>> - testKnownReceivers(org.apache.log4j.chainsaw.receivers. 
>> ReceiversHelperTest) and
>> - testLogPanelPreferenceModelSerialization(org.apache.log4j.chainsaw. 
>> LogPanelPreferenceModelTest)
>> fail.
> Umm, how exactly did you build/test this?  Can you attach the full 'mvn 
> package' output for the Chainsaw project ?

I just went into the directory and called mvn install with the 
-Dmaven.test.skip=true parameter. It compiled. Afterwards, I ran 
Chainsaw with the .bat file, as stated in the build instructions.
I ran the mvn package command; the output is in the ZIP file, too.

> So, you'd like to be able to add a new Receiver class via the Plugins? 

Yes. Call it a sort of abuse, but I'm writing a general logging system 
for sensor networks, and using Chainsaw was planned to give me a nice 
basis for displaying and managing the log messages.

> Or are you thinking of contributing a more general Receiver that could 
> be used by others?  At the moment, Chainsaw has it's own hard-coded 
> registry of 'potential' Receivers that are known, and checks which ones 
> can be loaded.  Ideally we would replace that with the standard JAR 
> service provider stuff so any custom Receivers could be placed in the 
> Plugin directory and be dynamically discovered (sounding a lot like OSGI 
> isn't it.  Really starting to think about Chainsaw 3 now.)

That's an interesting point. Would it currently be possible to add a new 
Receiver to Chainsaw without recompiling it, using the binary on the web 
site? That would be enough for me.


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