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From Paul Smith <psm...@aconex.com>
Subject Receivers artifacts and Chainsaw
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2008 22:46:05 GMT
One of the last tasks to complete before a potential 'release' to the  
Webstart version of Chainsaw is building a custom Receiver artifact  
output that does not include the JMSReceiver & DBReceiver, both of  
which require dependent jars that we obviously can't ship (because we  
don't know what provider they'll need).

I plan to add a new output artifact in log4j-receivers that contains  
this, and have it with a classifier of 'chainsaw-receivers', and have  
it attached via buildhelper plugin so that it is pushed out as an  
artifact. A similar approach would be to produce an artifact just  
containing JMS+DB receivers.  There would still be a 'non-classified'  
binary containing all Receivers as standard.

That way Chainsaw can mark a dependency on it's relevant classifier.   
This would mean that both the Webstart and standalone versions of  
Chainsaw would require an end-user who wished to use JMSReceiver or  
DBReceiver could download the 'extras' pack of Receivers, and drop it  
into the plugins folder together with their provider jars.



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