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From Curt Arnold <carn...@apache.org>
Subject Missing commit messages for rev 1158186 1159577, 1159583
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2011 03:38:48 GMT
I didn't see any commit messages for these revisions which I likely means that Christian isn't
subscribed to the log4j-dev list using grobmeire@apache.org and the commit messages from SVN
got bounced by the mailing list. I checked the status on the request for commits@logging.apache.org
and it is still open, I added a request that any configuration that would allow SVN commit
messages to get through would be appreciated.  I've made an attempt to add grobmeire@apache.org
to the log4j-dev-allow list which hopefully will should let his messages get through without
sending outgoing messages.

Two of the commits removed substantial sections of build.xml that are used in the Gump build
which caused Gump to start failing to build extras and components as evidenced by the recent
nag messages on log4j-dev.

Maybe when he returns Stefan might update us on the current capabilities of Gump, but last
time I visited it, it had limited abiiity with Maven, so it depended on the Ant build to provide
the current nightly builds to the entire universe of code it rebuilds and tests several times
a day. I've reverted the changes that removed the targets that Gump configuration depends
upon. Hopefully that will eliminate the nag messages and allow Gump to build and test extras
and component (and anything that depends on them again).

It would be good to isolate whitespace changes from non-whitespace changes (or avoid whitespace
only changes). One of the changes to build.xml had a decent number of indent changes (likely
due to a code reformatter) in addition to some non-cosmetic changes. Reformatting the code,
particularly in conjunction with actual changes, complicates code reviews in commit messages
or ViewSVN. If you must reformat, reformat first, commit then make changes.


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