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From John Vasileff <john.li...@gmail.com>
Subject log4j2 parameterized msg with throwable
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2011 16:32:53 GMT
Should logs that use ParameterizedMessage support trailing throwables? The ParameterizedMessage
code identifies throwables in the argument array, but they are silently ignored.  This is
for methods like:

void info(String message, Object... params);


log4j2Logger.info("log4j2Logger no params with throwable?", t); // works
log4j2Logger.info("log4j2Logger {}", "params with throwable?", t); // fails


2011-09-15 11:55:40,497 INFO Log4j2Testing [main] log4j2Logger no params with throwable?
	at Log4j2Testing.main(Log4j2Testing.java:18)
2011-09-15 11:55:40,499 INFO Log4j2Testing [main] log4j2Logger params with throwable?

On a related note, consider Logger methods like the following:

void info(Message msg);
void info(Message msg, Throwable t);

If Message objects support Throwables, as may be true for ParameterizedMessage or future message
types (end user created or new to be conceived log4j2 standard messages), there is ambiguity
in the second method as to which throwable is "the" throwable.  Perhaps the first non-null,
or maybe the explicit argument overrides the msg throwable.  In any case, it is a bit confusing.

Perhaps the second method with an explicit Throwable should be eliminated, and Message objects
should support Throwables when desired.  getThrowable() could be added to the Message interface,
or even a separate MessageWithThrowable interface similar to the way FormattedMessage works.
 (The former may be better to avoid having too many interfaces and instanceof clutter.)

It seems to me that throwables are a natural part of messages, just as the formatted message
strings and parameters are.

It doesn't look like adding throwables to Messages would cause additional overhead.  In cases
like ParameterizedMessage, it standardizes the approach to throwables and gives the Message
object more power.  In other cases, it just changes the location of a parenthesis in the code:

public void info(String message, Throwable t) {
    if (isEnabled(Level.INFO, null, message, t)) {
        log(null, getFQCN(), Level.INFO, new SimpleMessage(message), t);

        log(null, getFQCN(), Level.INFO, new SimpleMessage(message, t));

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