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From Gary Gregory <garydgreg...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: @author tags
Date Sun, 27 May 2012 12:01:24 GMT
On May 26, 2012, at 15:36, ceki <ceki@qos.ch> wrote:

> On 26.05.2012 19:55, Gary Gregory wrote:
>> On Fri, May 25, 2012 at 4:18 PM, ceki <ceki@qos.ch <mailto:ceki@qos.ch>>
>> wrote:
>>    On 25.05.2012 19 <tel:25.05.2012%2019>:42, Gary Gregory wrote:
>>        Over in Commons-lang we've been following the Apache guideline
>>        to avoid
>>        @author tags, these grow quickly to long and stale lists. The
>>        POM can be
>>        used to track who contributes, all in one place. I propose to remove
>>        @author tags here as well (1.x has these tags, I am not sure
>>        about 2.0).
>>    This has been proposed several times in the past and rejected each time.
>> I do not see why we should go against the Apache board's decision:
>>  - author tags are officially discouraged. these create difficulties in
>>   establishing the proper ownership and the protection of our
>>   committers. there are other social issues dealing with collaborative
>>   development, but the Board is concerned about the legal ramifications
>>   around the use of author tags
> The board issued a recommendation regarding author tags. It's a recommendation and not
a hard set rule. Although I cannot provide a reference, I remember Sam Ruby, VP of Legal affairs,
expressing regret about that particular board recommendation.
>> from:
>> http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/jakarta-jmeter-dev/200402.mbox/%3C4039F65E.7020406@atg.com%3E
>> Furthermore and because I have not worked with Ceki in the past, I cannot
>> help but see a conflict of interest with his non-ASF logging projects.
> Right. My position has always been the same. I think its immoral to remove other people's
names from source files. This position has nothing to do with my other logging engagements,
in particular because it has always remained the same.
> If you deem that your work on a particular log4j source file warrants the addition of
your name, by all means, add it. If someone from the outside makes a non-trivial contribution,
again, add their name. It's such a simple courteous thing to do.
> Can you explain what is gained by removing author tags?

Hi all,

One of my concerns is that author tags misdirect attention to a likely
stale list of resources as opposed to the place where information and
support can be obtained today: the mailing list and the project. This
is where the project is alive, not a list of names, some with email
links, some without. The ML is where the action is. Why not have an
author tag pointing to the ML or the site? I did that for a while too
but no longer. I stil kinda like that one though.

The POM can have the same information in more details to boot without
repeating it in each file. I also view this as a refactoring of sorts
to remove duplication. Why repeat this info in each file? John helped
on A but not B? Who cares!? Well, John's ego does. And that's another
concern, I'd prefer to work with people who's motivation is the code,
not the attribution. The ML, bug tracker, and commit history provide
plent of who did what where.

When I started on Commons projects, I too added my tag to some lists
of 10 (20?) authors in some files. In retrospect, touching files like
that here and there is like a dog walking around the forest marking
trees. The only benefactor is the dog's ego, not the Forrest.

I know I am not my job just like I am not my code or my ego, so I am
willing to remove my @authors from the picture. Less smudges on the
windows you see ;)

>> Gary
> --
> Ceki
> http://twitter.com/#!/ceki
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