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Please do not make it more complicated than it already is. I profoundly dislike having to deal with projects that decide for me that I need to reference an API, core, foo and bar jar, and one more jar for this and another for that. I don't care, it's a hassle. Just give me an "all" jar file (like CXF and Jetty give you the option to use). If I have to dig around for yet another Spring jar, I'm going to smash a pumpkin. At run-time, if you do not load a class, the deps are not needed. At compile time, yes, you need the API deps, but Maven takes care of that for us.


On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 9:09 AM, Christian Grobmeier <grobmeier@gmail.com> wrote:

lets say we would write an SMTPAppender. It would need dependencies to
some mail framework. If you write an MongoDB Appender you wuold have
dependencies to the Mongo-Connector.

Both dependencies should not come with log4j2 because most people
would not need them. Now my first idea was to create a new artifact


They could inherit the log4j parent and put into the directory as submodules.

But I believe it might be beneficial to create a separate repository,
lets say log4j2-extensions and maintain them in some way like Apache
Commons or Apache Onami, as independent artifacts with independent
release cycle.

If we would do that, we could have a Sandbox and a Proper folder.
Sandbox could be opened to every ASF committer. I imagine there are a
few people who might want to contribute their things. I know a few
people who maintain some log4j1 related stuff, like osgi-log4j in
Apache Sling or I think in Hadoop is something similar (log4j Hadoop

Any thoughts?



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