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From "Cakalic, James P." <cakal...@Maritz.com>
Subject RE: Is Log4j getting into Jakarta?
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 16:27:09 GMT
I guess we could be clever and, in keeping with the name Jakarta, try to
find an Indonesian word as the package name -- something either
conceptually-related or a language pun.
The JSR-0047 group wasn't particularly imaginative, but we might choose to
follow their lead. The package name that they currently propose is
java.util.logging. Our equivalent would be org.apache.logging.
Naming could be a concern given that log4j has just recently gotten some
good publicity with the publication of a 3rd party article in the Java
Developer's Journal and your article, Ceki, on JavaWorld. This move to
apache might be a good thing but I think we want to be sure to maintain some
trail of crumbs that leads anyone looking for log4j to the new package.
I'll have to give it more thought. 

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From: Ceki Gulcu [mailto:cgu@urbanet.ch]
Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2000 9:37 AM
To: LOG4J Users Mailing List
Cc: LOG4J Users Mailing List; Keith Bennett
Subject: RE: Is Log4j getting into Jakarta?


How about "catlog"? Sounds much like catalog but I can't tell if that's good
or bad. Cheers, Ceki

At 09:44 14.12.2000 -0500, Keith R. Bennett wrote:

My vote for a new name would be something indicating that the package does
logging.  Maybe something with "log" included in it.  IMHO, the problem with
"cat" is that it is sufficiently general to include all manner of things in
addition to logging.
- Keith 

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From: Ceki Gulcu [ mailto:cgu@urbanet.ch <mailto:cgu@urbanet.ch> ] 


 Some Apache members have suggested abandoning the name "log4j" altogether.
I personally don't have a problem with that since I don't really like the
name log4j. I have proposed the name "cat" (for cat-egory) or equivalently
jakarta-cat. The package hierarchy would start at "org.apache.cat." Other
names/proposals are most welcome. Ceki 

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