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From Henrique Seganfredo <henrique.seganfr...@neogrid.com.br>
Subject log4j impact
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2001 11:26:04 GMT
Have anybody here used log4j on large, distributed projects?
We are developing an EAI-B2B product suite and we are studying to use log4j
as a mean to help debugging and execution logging. The only problem is that
our product has more de 100 KLOC.
How about the costs on "inserting" log4j in a development project? 
What about performance costs in a distributed environment
(jsp<->javabeans<->ejb) ?
More specifically, how about the performance impact with JSP engines? As far
hat I know, most of the JSP engines do not deal well with
stdin/stdout/stderr related code, slowing down a lot!
See ya,


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