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From Anders Kristensen <akristen...@dynamicsoft.com>
Subject Re: How to use Writer object instead of OutputString , when using log4j?
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2001 10:25:50 GMT
The log4j "core" doesn't use output streams nor writers, individual
appenders do. I believe the appenders which ship as part of log4j does
indeed use Writers and not OutputStream. This is true, for example, for
FileAppender. Ultimately, however, characters are written using your
platforms default character encoding. If your platforms default encoding
was, say, UTF-8, then korean log messages written to a FileAppender
should appear as korean in UTF-8 encoded log files.


Kim Jongtae wrote:
> Hi all.
> My language is Korean.
>  I want to log Korean  messages using log4j. But in order that I
> logging any Korean messages  properly,
> I must convert the messages into 8859-1 charset , because log4j uses
> internally OutputStream, which
> converts characters into bytes according a specified encoding and
> writes them to a byte-output stream.
> when I use character streams , for examples Writer or Reader , there
> is no conversion so I can log in
> my language.
> How do I make the log4j using character stream class ?
> Is there class or method?  sample java source or modification for
> properties?
> If you give me, I will thank for you
> Bye.

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