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From "mailinglists mail" <mailingli...@indiatimes.com>
Subject Re: different patterns for different classes
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2000 12:39:00 GMT
hey if your question is to have different patterns for different 
classes that use the same appender i think it is no possible.
Every appender have its pattern fixed unless u override it in your 
class i.e u specify XXXpattern in the config file and u use setLayout
(YYYpatern) method in your class to override the pattern.

So i u are willing to go in for a new appender for that class whic 
contains the log statements your purpose will we served. 
here are all the settings for the config file.....
Appender configuration syntax is: 

# For appender named appenderName, set its class.
# Note: The appender name can contain dots.

# Set appender specific options.

For each named appender you can configure its Layout. The syntax for 
configuring an appender's layout is: 

The syntax for configuring the root category is: 

log4j.rootCategory=[ERROR|WARN|INFO|DEBUG], appenderName, 
appenderName, ...

This syntax means that one of the strings values ERROR, WARN, INFO or 
DEBUG can be supplied followed by appender names separated by commas. 

If one of the optional priority values ERROR, WARN, INFO or DEBUG is 
given, the root priority is set to the corresponding priority. If no 
priority value is specified, then the root priority remains 

The root category can be assigned multiple appenders. 

Each appenderName (seperated by commas) will be added to the root 
category. The named appender is defined using the appender syntax 
defined above. 

For non-root categories the syntax is almost the same: 

appenderName, appenderName, ...

Thus, one of the usual priority values ERROR, WARN, INFO, or DEBUG 
can be optionally specified. For any any of these values the named 
category is assigned the corresponding priority. In addition however, 
the value INHERITED can be optionally specified which means that 
named category should inherit its priority from the category 

If no priority value is supplied, then the priority of the named 
category remains untouched. 

By default categories inherit their priority from the hierarchy. 
However, if you set the priority of a category and later decide that 
that category should inherit its priority, then you should specify 
INHERITED as the value for the priority value. 

Similar to the root category syntax, each appenderName (seperated by 
commas) will be added to the named category. 

See Rule 3 in package overview for the meaning of the additivity 

The user can override the BasicConfigurator.flagAsShippedCode() 
method by setting the a key "log4j.shippedCodeFlagOverride" to true 
or any value other than false. As in 


An example configuration is given below. Other configuration file 
examples are given in Sort class documentation. 

# Set options for appender named "A1". 
# Appender "A1" will be a SyslogAppender

# The syslog daemon resides on www.abc.net

# A1's layout is a PatternLayout, using the conversion pattern 
# %r %-5p %c{2} %M.%L %x - %m\n. Thus, the log output will
# include # the relative time since the start of the application in
# milliseconds, followed by the priority of the log request,
# followed by the two rightmost components of the category name,
# followed by the callers method name, followed by the line number,
# the nested disgnostic context and finally the message itself.
# Refer to the documentation of PatternLayout for further information
# on the syntax of the ConversionPattern key.    
log4j.appender.A1.layout.ConversionPattern=%-4r %-5p %c{2} %M.%L %x - 

# Set options for appender named "A2"
# A2 should be a RollingFileAppender, with maximum file size of 10 MB
# using at most one backup file. A2's layout is TTCC, using the
# ISO8061 date format with context printing enabled.    

# Root category set to DEBUG using the A2 appender defined above.
log4j.rootCategory=DEBUG, A2

# Category definions:
# The SECURITY category inherits is priority from root. However, it's 
# will go to A1 appender defined above. It's additivity is non-
log4j.category.SECURITY=INHERIT, A1

# Only warnings or above will be logged for the 
category "SECURITY.access".
# Output will go to A1.

# The category "class.of.the.day" inherits its priority from the
# category hierrarchy.  Output will go to the appender's of the root
# category, A2 in this case.

Refer to the setOption method in each Appender and Layout for class 
specific options. 

Use the # or ! characters at the beginning of a line for comments. 

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From: Anuj Agrawal <agrawal@lucent.com>
Sent: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 12:36:39 -0500
To: log4j-user@jakarta.apache.org
Subject: different patterns for different classes

I have several classes - all of which utilize PropertyConfigurator 
and a
log4j.properties file.

My log4j.properties file is setup as per the examples in the user 
manual, with
the first line being:

log4j.rootCategory=DEBUG, stdout

The other lines in the properties file provide the conversion pattern 
to use.

I'd like to add some lines in the configuration file to indicate that 
for class
Abc, i would like to use a *different* conversion pattern from the 
one defined
for rootCategory.

How do i do that?

Also, other than the user manual, is there any other documention i 
can look at
that would give me ALL the possible options i can use in the 
properties file?


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