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From Paul Glezen <pgle...@atdial.net>
Subject Re: Websphere class problem with log4j
Date Sat, 14 Apr 2001 13:40:46 GMT
> Can anyone shed any light on why the jsp classloader has no problems, whilst the servlet
one does?


This is common enough situation that it probably deserves a FAQ entry. 
Remember that there are several different classloaders at work in
WebSphere.  The JSP processor is itself a servlet.  If, as a servlet, it
is in a different webapp than another servlet, the JSP process and the
other servlet will have two separate classloaders.

This in itself won't necessarily be a problem; unless log4j was loaded
by one of these two classloaders (in WebSphere, they would be sibling
classloaders - no parent/child relationship).  If you place log4j in the
application classpath you should be fine.  The application classloader
is a parent classloader of all webapp classloaders.  Just make sure you
don't define log4j extensions in your webapps.

For the straight dope on WebSphere classloading, check out the link


- Paul
Beware of bugs in the above code.  I have
only proved it correct, not tried it.
-Don Knuth

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