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From "Timothy Mulle'" <tmu...@iname.com>
Subject Is this possible for remote logging?
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2001 15:10:11 GMT
Hi again,

	I'm building a TIBCO appender that will take all the event fields and build
them into a TibrvMsg (Map). My question is that it doesn't look like I will
be able to send or at least rebuild ALL the event information from the
client side on the server side.

For example, LocationInfo and Throwable information, Date/Time, and NDC
information. I can get ALL the information and place it into the message to
be sent, but I have no way of reconstructing the objects on the server side.
LocationInfo has no public setXX() methods to manually set the fields
instead of getting them from the Throwable object. The timestamp field in
the LoggingEvent is private, and can't be set, except when the event is
created. The same with Throwable, how can I rebuild the information on the
server side. It would be useful for use to be able to log Throwables from
the client side since our logging strategy is a centrally located one.

I can get the NDC info string with NDC.get() and I was thinking on the
server side I could do NDC.push(data_from_NDC_field) but not sure if that
will work.

Any ideas?? We can't use serialization for this appender so I need to use
all String objects.

  - Tim

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