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From Chris Jones <ch...@mt.sri.com>
Subject Is log4j already configured?
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2002 18:38:45 GMT
I'm writing a library for use with other applications, and I'm using
log4j for my logging.  I'd rather not require the application
developer to initialize log4j, so it would be nice to have my library
run its own configurator.  However, I don't want to stomp on any
configuration that the application developer has already done, if they
happen to be using log4j already.  Alternatively, it would be nice to
offer the ability for the application developer to turn debugging on
(or turn all messages off) for my library.

I think I'm looking for a way to detect if log4j has already been
configured.  If not, I'll just configure it myself, using

Any pointers?


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