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From guillaume.ros...@st.com
Subject Problem with add of appender
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2002 08:57:07 GMT
     Hi everybody, I'm new on the list, I'm french (excuse my poor english 
     ;) ), and I decided to subscribe because I have a serious problem with 
     I created a component wich is a mix between log4j and taglib;  so that 
     I can write in a JSP
     <log:debug category="mycat">debug message</log:debug>
     It runs well if the appender is the console; but I would like the 
     appender to be the browser.
     I red documentations and I don't think it is possible to add a 
     "jspAppender" in the log4j.properties file, but I succeed in adding a 
     jspAppender in my code.(In the same time I added a console appender in 
     the log4j.properties).
     In fact I had to retrieve the JspWriter of the JSP and simply add the 
     JspWriter myJspWriter = pageContext.getOut(); 
     Here again it runs, BUT it runs only once !!
     Indeed, if in my JSP there are multiple log taglibs :
     <log:debug category="mycat">debug message</log:debug> <log:info  
     category="mycat">info  message</log:debug> <log:error 
     category="mycat">error message</log:debug>
     the browser only displays "debug message".
     But the concole displays the 3 messages.
     So the problem doesn't come from taglib but rather from log4j.
     I thinks it acts as the JspWriter stream was closed or reinitialized 
     after the log4j object is destroyed. But why ? and how to do 
     differently ?
     Thanks for your answers.

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