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From "Collier, Mike" <Mike_Coll...@stercomm.com>
Subject RE: Multiple Configuration Files
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2002 20:31:41 GMT
	Thanks for your response!

	However, I think I would have a root defined in both files (one for
the client side & one for the server side), and I would also have duplicate
categories.  For example, I want to send all log messages from category
"com.foo" to the JMSAppender - this would be the client side.  Then, on the
server side, I would like my message drive bean to process all the messages
it receives.  So, if it receives a LoggingEvent with a category of
"com.foo", then I want to send it to the appropriate appender - say
FileAppender.  So, I want to use Log4J on both the client and server side,
and have a seperate configuration for each - but not have them step on each

	I'm still unsure of how to do this, even though it seems like a
fairly logically idea.


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From: Michael Rimov [mailto:rimovm@centercomp.com]
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Subject: Re: Multiple Configuration Files

At 11:56 AM 3/21/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>         I am trying to configure Log4J with two configuration files.  The
>reason for this is as follows:


I've been doing multiple config files without much of a problem at all.  As 
long as the root is only defined in one file, and also that there aren't 
duplicate categories in the same VM, you shouldn't have a problem.

If you download the Expresso Framework (www.jcorporate.com), and check out:

You should see where I implemented the reading of multiple XML files.


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