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From Ken Arnold <arn...@moonhill.org>
Subject Re: circular buffering (attached)
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2002 20:35:41 GMT

On Wednesday, August 7, 2002, at 04:31  PM, Ken Arnold wrote:

> I've attached the files that I wrote.  I've assumed that finding all 
> loggers that are associated with a given node is a useful feature, so I 
> did it using a vistor pattern.  This is meant to be integrated into the 
> codebase should the owners find that useful, so I've given it the 
> Apache header.
> 		Ken

My mailer's "Send" button is right next to it's "Attach" button, and so 
I hit "send" by mistake too early.  Here are all the files.  The XML 
file is a simple tester for BufferingAppender.

Feedback, bug rep0rts, and chocolate all welcome.-)

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