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From "Wullschleger, Donat" <Donat.Wullschle...@siemens.co.uk>
Subject RE: RollingFileAppender disk full handling
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 07:48:04 GMT

I tried a similar thing with the DailyRollingFileAppender (or for test
purposes just with the FileAppender). My aim was to ask the user to replace
the media if it is full with a new one or choose another location for the
logfile. To detect an exception or another error condition, I did add a
custom errorhandler (as Kevin suggested). But I stumbled when I wanted to
close the logfile and open a new one afterwards - I just couldn't find a
solution as 'reset' and 'close' also close the logger (and not only the
file) and after calling these functions log4j issues errormessages on the

If you get any further, I would appreciate to hearing from you. 


P.S. please find below a code fragment of how I added the custem
errorhandler (LogFileErrorHandler) to all FileAppenders.

// Add custom errorhandler to all FileAppenders
Enumeration eapp = LogManager.getRootLogger().getAllAppenders();
for (Enumeration e = eapp;e.hasMoreElements();) {
   Object obj = e.nextElement();
   if (obj instanceof FileAppender) {
       FileAppender fa = (FileAppender) obj;
       LogFileErrorHandler lfh = new LogFileErrorHandler();

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From: Kevin Steppe [mailto:ksteppe@pacbell.net]
Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2002 9:35 PM
To: Log4J Users List
Subject: Re: RollingFileAppender disk full handling

    log4j does not throw exceptions.  However, the RollingFileAppender 
-should- make calls to the errorHandler.  Implement your own 
ErrorHandler and you should be able to get those notifications.


Colin MacDonald wrote:

>Hi all!  In my application, I need to know if log4j failed to write a log
>I'm using RollingFileAppender, and from looking at the source, it catches
>exceptions and just writes to console.  I'm writing transaction audit logs,
>so if I can't write to the log (disk full, or whatever) I want to abort the
>transaction.  Note that the log writing is done first; it doesn't need to
>part of an atomic transaction.
>First, is my reading of the code correct?  Will the code that calls log4j
>not get an exception?
>Second, any ideas on how to work around this?  Custom appender?  It seems
>like a waste to re-implement RollingFileAppender.
>Thanks for any help on this!
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