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From "GrĂ¼bel, Nicole" <Nicole.Grue...@huk-coburg.de>
Subject Chainsaw-Questions
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2002 09:36:57 GMT

It seems that Chainsaw can't show more than 1 day at once. At last I
used a xml-formatted FileAppender first, and could only see the 1st day
when I opened it offline with Chainsaw. I think I read somewhere that
Chainsaw can use RollingFileAppenders, but I didn't know that it has to
be a DailyRollingFileAppender ... or is something just wrong on my side?
(Which is the most likely case ...) Could it be that the file was too
big, or something like that? (although my file was less than 400KB)

And I have another question ... I read somewhere that the method
"close()" should be used to free the system of Chainsaw once the
application gets closed. I guess it should be called in the
stop()-method of the main-application, for example. But I think we won't
start Chainsaw with every application, because they will be called from
various clients which log into the same files. So we need only 1
Chainsaw, which we propably will start at offline-times or for a short
look during online-times. In this case I won't have to put any
close()-calls into the main-application, right? After all, I can see
that Chainsaw closes itself after some time in the console.

Any advice is welcome,



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