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From Ceki Gülcü <c...@qos.ch>
Subject Re: Weblogic - Log4J config problem
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2002 23:24:14 GMT
At 11:40 31.10.2002 -0800, you wrote:
>I'm having trouble a few problems with settup up log4j
>The environment is a sun machine 5.8 running weblogic 6.1.  I have a 
>single Ear file with some ejb and a war file
>         user.jar (ejb file)
>         group.jar (ejb file)
>         casesync.war
> From the documentation is appears that I should add a lib directory with 
> the log4j.jar file in it,  However, when I do that weblogic tries to 
> autodeploy the jar and throws an exception.

Which exception is that?

>   I need to have wl in development mode so that I can redeploy the ear 
> when I make changes.
>To remedy this I've placed log4j in the wl classpath.  This gets me around 
>the log4j.jar problem.  However, it is uncear as to where to put the 
>log4j.properties file so that it will be read.  Could you please clarify

You have seen this in the book?

There is a better and quite elegant approach. Version 1.2 of the Java 
platform, added support for bundled extensions 
jar files. A jar file can specify the relative URLs of extensions and 
libraries that it requires via the "Class-Path" manifest attribute. 
Relative URLs ending with '/' are assumed to refer to directories.

For example, adding the line
Class-Path: lib/log4j-VERSION.jar lib/

to the manifest file of your application's ear file or your EJB jar files 
will allow log4j classes to be loaded from lib/log4j-VERSION.jar relative 
to the ear or jar file. Placing log4j.xml or log4j.properties in the lib/ 
directory will let log4j find the properties configuration file and 

>Also, I've noticed a minor spelliing error on page 123 JMSAppender is 
>misspelled JMSAppedner

Thanks. I fixed it.

>Please let me know if you have any ideas
>J.R. Warmkessel
>Wheels of Zeus 408 358 6030 x 2001
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