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From "Ebersole, Steven" <steven.ebers...@vignette.com>
Subject RE: Log4j Clashing over applications
Date Fri, 24 Jan 2003 21:22:48 GMT
Where do you keep the config file?  Is it also in the ear?  Or is it in some
path which is defined during server startup?  If the latter, than that will
cause you problems.

Where is the log4j jar file?  That must also be in each ear file for this to
work correctly.

Also, if you use classes which are defined on the server start-up classpath
(i.e., a custom security realm, etc) which use log4j, that will also cause
you problems.

The issue is really with java's classloading paradigm where child
classloaders first delegate classloading to its parent.  So J2EE terms, if
the EJB context specifc classloader delegates to its parent (the system
classloader in wl6.1) and its parent finds it, then its parent loads it and
that class is now accessible at the visibility level of the parent...

I am pretty sure that weblogic 6.1 does not use log4j for its logging.  I
use WL6.1sp3 and it uses some garbage home-brew domain logging system, not


    |-----Original Message-----
    |From: Munish Singla [mailto:munish.singla@tavant.com]
    |Sent: Friday, January 24, 2003 1:18 PM
    |To: 'Log4J Users List'
    |Subject: Log4j Clashing over applications
    |Hi Guys,
    |	I have one weblogic 6.1 server to deploy my application 
    |for both dev
    |and qa environments. Both these are deployed hot as ear 
    |files. They have
    |pretty much the same application except for a 
    |configuration file and log4
    |configuration which is separate for both of them.
    |	The problem is that if I deploy one of them, everything 
    |is fine and
    |the logs are going in the right places and the right log4j 
    |configuration is
    |read, however if i deploy both of them, the problem is the 
    |logs for both dev
    |and qa start using the same configuration as of the latest 
    |one that I
    |deployed. I thought the Logger classes that are loaded by 
    |the applications
    |are separate for both dev and qa as by EJB spec, its supposed to be
    |different Class Loaders. One problem looks to be from the 
    |weblogic itself
    |using log4j for its logging so the Logger is already 
    |loaded and is not
    |separate for both the applications.
    |	Has anybody faced this problem before. Any workaround??
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