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From "Corbin, James" <James.Cor...@starwoodhotels.com>
Subject Help with Logging (1.2.7)
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2003 21:39:24 GMT

I am using Log4j version 1.2.7 as my application logging framework running
on a JBOSS app server.

The only issue I have run into is trying to define a separate configuration
file that when loaded doesn't interfere with the one loaded at server
startup by JBOSS.  Therefore, I created the following configuration file
which creates a category and my application logs to the category.  This
works as I've mentioned in previous emails, but the console log appends my
messages to an INFO message (from JBOSS configuration?).  I've included a
log entry to demonstrate my issue:

14:36:14,648 INFO  [STDOUT] 14:36:14,648,LightSpeed        [DEBUG] - some
message text....

My category name is LightSpeed.  Notice how the [DEBUG] message is appended
to a INFO [STDOUT] message?  I assume this is coming from the JBOSS
configuration of Log4j.

************Application Specific Configuration File *************

## The server.log file appender for LightSpeed
log4j.category.LightSpeed=DEBUG, LightSpeed_Console, LightSpeed_Default
#log4j.appender.LightSpeed_Default.layout.ConversionPattern=%d %-5p [%t]
%-17c{2} (%13F:%L) %3x - %m\n
{1}] %m%n
c [%-5p] - %m%n

c [%-5p] - %m%n


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