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From Erik Price <epr...@ptc.com>
Subject Re: no log output when invoked from ANT/JUnit
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2003 16:34:59 GMT

wleana wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a LogTest program that can successfully write to syslog using 
> Log4J *when I invoke it standalone*, ie. java ***.**.LogTest. But 
> when I do it from ANT/JUnit, there is no log message written. 
> I tried around, and found that if I add the call 
> PropertyConfigurator.configure("log4j.properties") in my code, then 
> it will write the log message when I run ANT/JUnit.
> But why do I need to do it just for ANT/Junit env, while it is not 
> needed when I run it standalone? I don't want to hard code that way 
> in the code.
> For the standalone way, I didn't specify log4j.configuration or 
> invoke PropertyConfigurator.configure(..), all I do is to put 
> log4j.properties file in my classpath and it works. 

I do not know for certain but is it possible that you did not have the 
file in your Ant script's <classpath> ?

I have been using Ant and Log4J with JUnit successfully for the past 
couple of days by doing this:

1. I have a file named "testlogconfig.properties" located at some 
specified point in my source tree.

2. I have Ant set a system property with <sysproperty> named 
"log4j.configuration" whose value is the path to my properties file, 
prepended by the characters: "file://" (so it looks like this:
     <property name="test.log4j.config"
         ...(other attributes go here)...
       <sysproperty name="log4j.configuration"

3. Log4J automatically checks for this system property and evaluates the 
value to a URL and searches for the file at that URL.  In my case, on 
Win2k, I had to use the "file://" prefix but I have heard that you don't 
necessarily have to use that on Unix systems.

Maybe that will help?


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