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From "wleana" <wle...@yahoo.com>
Subject static/inherit problem
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2003 09:04:57 GMT
Hi, I have a design issue related to the fact that the Logger needs 
to be static. And suppose I have A and its subclass B.
I have a wrapper MyLog that wraps around Logger and a myId field of 
each class, in which, the log message always print out myId of its 

class A {
private static MyLog mLog;
protected myId;
  myId = "A";
  init myLog with myId...

public void doSth(String aMsg){

class B extends A{
 myId = "B";

When I do this:
B b=new B();

The log will actually show the caller's myId is "A", instead of "B".
(you see I even make the myId field non-static because of the same 
issue, but actually I would like it to be static conceptually)

I have tried different ways, it only works if mLog is not static, the 
within doSth from class A, it will actually dynamically use object of 
type B's mLog...But we want the Logger class (or its wrapper class) 
to belong to class not to an object...how should we solve this? What 
should be the right design of this? Please share your thoughts. 

Thanks a lot.

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