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From "Scott Deboy" <Scott.De...@VirtualDesign.Net>
Subject RE: Chainsaw V2 - Screenshot
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 16:50:07 GMT
Hi Dave,

Glad you like it...it's been a lot of fun and a lot of work.

If you have the ORO package in your classpath (http://jakarta.apache.org/oro) you can use
regular expressions in the QuickFilter box (if you're running chainsaw from ant via 'ant chainsaw'
there's an entry to set the path for ORO at the bottom of build.properties).

For example, with ORO in your classpath, to filter on Class com.test.SomeClass, enter '.*SomeClass'.
 See the javadoc for org.apache.oro.text.regex Perl5Pattern for regular expression syntax
used by ORO.

If you don't have ORO installed, the default filtering is case-insensitive partial text matching,
meaning you should be able to enter 'someclass' to see the entries for that class.

The tooltip for the QuickFilter box should direct you to the javadoc for the filtering mechanism
in use.

If you have more feedback, please keep it coming.

Hope this helps,
Scott Deboy

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From:	Tauzell, Dave [mailto:Dave.Tauzell@RxHub.net]
Sent:	Tue 7/15/2003 6:48 AM
To:	Log4J Users List
Subject:	RE: Chainsaw V2 - Screenshot

I've been playing with the new chainsaw and like it quite a bit.  One
feature that I miss from the old version, though, is the filter
mechanism. In the new version you have to type in the full logger name,
for instance, while in the old version you could type in part of it.  I
think that the filters should be more a 'contains' rather than 'exactly
like'.  Or perhaps the UI could be:

<filter drop down>  <starts with|contains|exactly like drop down> <text
field>  <add button> <remove button>

The add and remove buttons would add a new line in case you wanted to
filter on multiple areas.


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From: Paul Smith [mailto:Paul.Smith@lawlex.com.au] 
Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2003 2:45 AM
To: 'Log4j-User (E-mail) (E-mail)'
Subject: Chainsaw V2 - Screenshot

[Unfortunately logj-user list has a 100k limit, so i've had to turn the
screen shot into a link on the Wiki]  

In a reasonably desperate attempt to gather feedback from the Log4j
community, I am providing a link to a screenshot of the current build of
Chainsaw v2 in action that can be accessed from the


[scroll down to the bottom, there is a link to click on to view the
image (the above is a shorter URL)]

You will see a number of the new visual changes  that have been made in
the new version (but by no means all of them!).  

I'm hoping that this screenshot may encourage anyone that has used the
(excellent) original Chainsaw, and anyone who has never heard of
Chainsaw, to try this new version out and assist us in quality control.
Scott Deboy (the developer who kicked this new version off) and I use
this version every single day in our own work environments so it's very

I will go out of my way to make it as easy on anyone as possible, feel
free to email questions, problems etc.  I can help anyone walk through
getting the module checked out of CVS, and the configuration files setup
for your needs.


Paul Smith

[Thanks to Olivier Vierlinck for the great idea of putting the link to
the image from the Wiki]

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