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From Jacob Kjome <h...@visi.com>
Subject Re: update to install-chainsaw.xml + question
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2004 03:38:03 GMT
At 08:37 AM 3/1/2004 +1100, you wrote:
> > One other thing.  Has anyone else noticed that when you run "ant chainsaw"
> > on the Log4j build that the attempt by Ant to delete the log4j and 
> chainsaw
> > jar files fails if they exist already?  I can't figure out why this would
> > be.  I can delete them just fine on my own.  Nothing seems to have a 
> handle
> > to them.  I'm using Ant-1.6.1 and on both WinXP and Win2k.  Can anyone
> > confirm this?
>I have seen Ant do this from time to time, and it's not limited to the
>log4j module, it's happened to our project here at work.  I think it
>only happens on W32 AFAIK.  Usually it works the second time around.  It
>is strange.

Happens every time for me.  Does it work the second time for you, or are 
you running Linux so you can't test it?  I've never had this happen in one 
of my own builds.  Hmm... interesting.  Just tried it with Ant-1.5.3-1 and 
it works fine.  Looks like a bug in both Ant-1.6.0 and 1.6.1.  And what do 
you know, I searched bugzilla and found a bug report that matches this 

Hopefully that can be fixed for Ant-1.6.2


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