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From Marcel Bruch <mar...@cheruskia.de>
Subject Implement Log event acknowledgment with Log4J ?
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2004 08:46:25 GMT
Hi log4j-user,

   I've posted this before to the dev-list but didn't get an
   answer. Maybe it was the wrong list for my question. Sorry for that.
   I'm using log4j in my projects for a year I think and I'm really
   happy with the functionality of log4j.

   Now in my new project I got a new requirement: I have to send a
   log message to a special receiver and I need to get a
   acknowledgment before doing some actions. If the acknowledgment
   fails to appear after a small amount of time my application has to
   perform some error handling.

   I think that log4j - or in general a logging system - is not
   intended to give feedback to the calling object that the log-event
   has been logged but this or something similar I need.
   I only have a small amount of messages that need a acknowledge.

   Now my question: would it be a good choice to create a logger with
   acknowledgment fuctionality and use it within log4j or should I better
   write my own implementation?

   Thanks for hints.

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