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From Robert Pepersack <rpepers...@mdinsurance.state.md.us>
Subject Re: Which Way of "Extending" Gives Fastest Performance
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2004 16:48:52 GMT
You could create a class boolean variable that is set once by 
isDebugEnabled().  Then you could say:

private boolean debug = logger.isDebugEnabled();

In you method code you could say:

if (debug) cat.debug(myObject.showState());

This would make it so that you only call isDebugEnabled() once in each class.

At 11:54 AM 04/22/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>This is a little off from the original question, and note that we also 
>haven't touched any of our logging code in quite a while, but:
>We found that we had to address some performance problems where there was 
>an insignificant cost to creating the string that we were going to send to 
>For example, you might have:
>    cat.debug(myObject.showState());
>or some such thing, and the issue is that even if debug logging is 
>disabled, the call into cat.debug() is still made, which means the call to 
>myObject.showState() is also made, even if the results from showState() 
>are in fact never used.
>We handled this by wrapping all of logging statements (well, at least 
>debug ones, I think) in a conditional, like this:
>   if (cat.isDebugEnabled()) cat.debug(myObject.showState());
>to avoid that overhead.
>I was never really happy with this.  I suppose some sort of helper object 
>might have made more sense... or is there a better way now to deal with this?
>James Stauffer wrote:
>>Do you know that logging has a significant effect on your current
>>performance?  If it only takes 0.01% of CPU time then it doesn't really
>>James Stauffer
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Bob Pepersack

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