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From Narendra Babu Kirthi <nkir...@cisco.com>
Subject What is the significance of rootCategory in property file.
Date Thu, 03 Jun 2004 05:53:31 GMT
    Can some one explain me what is the significance of rootCategory, 
that is specified in the log4j.properties file ?
    Is it a must to have rootCategory in the properties file ?
    I have a web application under tomcat. This web application is 
integrated from different modules (my project specific)
    and each module has its own log4j property(with different names) 
file. Say it has got some 8 modules and got 8 log4j properties files. 
    Each module has got an entry of rootCategory in their own log4j 
property file. With this configuration, my web application is     
    behaving strangely at times. i.e one module's log messages are 
logged into some other module's log file.
    Can I have any number of log4j properties files under a single web 
application ? If so what is the location under tomcat where I can
    put all these property files. I tried to buy the Log4j manual by 
Ceiki, but could not find a store in Chennai (INDIA), where I can get
    that book. Can some one point me to the location in India, where I 
can get this book.


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