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From Ionel GARDAIS <igard...@yahoo.fr>
Subject switching between two appenders
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2004 12:48:34 GMT

I have two appenders : ConsoleAppender and
These two appenders are attached to a unique logger.

Is there a way to "mute" a logger or the other "on the
fly" so I can log on Console only, FileAppender only
or both ?

BTW, my logging initialization is like this :

Logger log4jLogger = null;
static {
  Layout patternLayout = new PatternLayout("%d [%t]
%-5p - %m%n");
  Appender consoleAppender = new
  log4jLogger = Logger.getLogger("myClass");

As i am adapting a proprietary logging API to Log4j,
this is the only initialization part I am going thru.
Classes never reference the log4jLogger logger.

According to this, what about the rootLogger ?
What are its configuration values (appenders, level) ?
Should I better use
  log4jLogger = Logger.getRootLogger();
instead of
  log4jLogger = Logger.getLogger("myClass");

in order to init only the root logger ?

Thanks for your answers,


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