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From Geoff <mina...@sprynet.com>
Subject Re: New Log4j appender available
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 04:26:09 GMT
> Have you considered updating your DatedFileAppender with the new rolling 
> appenders in the o.a.l.rolling package? The classes derived from 
> o.a.log4j.RollingFileAppender have been deprecated. New and more 
> flexible alternatives are available in o.a.log4j.rolling.

Please note that DatedFileAppender extends FileAppender and not 
RollingFileAppender. I downloaded version 1.3 and DatedFileAppender works 
with the new code.

I had a look at the rolling code. From what I can tell the principle design 
is the same as before. You start with a base file and rename it periodically 
(I see that you have added compression capabilities as well). I like how you 
have moved the triggers and policies into separate classes.

What would be a very useful feature would be a configuration option for all 
of the rolling loggers (but especially useful for the time based loggers) 
that would cause the logger to use the formatted file name with a number or 
date right away (the way the Tomcat FileLogger does) instead of renaming a 
base file name to one with a number or date. This would eliminate the need 
for my DatedFileAppender and would extend the flexibility of Log4j quite a bit.


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