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From Jacob Kjome <h...@visi.com>
Subject RE: log4j urgent issues ...Message in System.out
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 04:54:34 GMT
At 09:41 AM 9/14/2004 +0800, you wrote:
>Problem resolved,recently I changed the code to get the Root logger from 
>category and attached the appender to the log.
>so I removed the root logger approach and create the instance from 
>category and its ok now..
>still I have a query why its going to system.out suppose I create the root 

Maybe you have more than one appender configured?  Do you have a 
ConsoleAppender?  That would direct logging to system.out.  And keep in 
mind that loggers inherit appenders unless additivity is set to "false".

I'm still confused about what you are doing.  At one point it seemed you 
were talking about a log4j.xml config file, but what little you posted 
didn't match up with what a valid log4j.xml config file would look like and 
now you talk about programmatically configuring Log4j, which is generally 
unnecessary unless you are doing real time configuration, in which case 
there are existing utilities you can use to avoid writing any of it 
yourself.  Most of the time, you would just set up your config file as 
desired and use it.  If you really want more help, you will need to send 
your config file.  Your posts are a bit confusing.


>Thanks & Regards
>Bala L [6328-2068]
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Jacob Kjome [mailto:hoju@visi.com]
>Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 1:22 AM
>To: Balasubramanian, Lakshmi
>Subject: Re: log4j urgent issues ...Message in System.out
>When I said "propeties", I ment "config file", whether it be a properties file
>or an XML file.  Now, I'm a bit confused as to what you are doing.  You say
>your using XML to configure Log4j, but what you've provided looks nothing at
>all like a valid Log4j config file.  There is no <Property> element.  Please
>provide the full contents of your config file if you want to get help.
>Quoting "Balasubramanian, Lakshmi" <lakshmi.balasubramanian@citigroup.com>:
> > Hi Jackob.
> >
> > Thanks.
> > I am not using any properties files concepts,
> > I am using one xml file for loglevel and logging pattern
> >               Category cat = Category.getInstance("test." + imerch + 
> "." + "malay");
> >               create the 
> DailyRollingFileAppender(layout,LogDirectory,"test"+
> > ".log","'.'yyyy-MM-dd"));
> >               then setting log levels and printing the logs.
> >
> >       <Property Name="LogLevel" Value="DEBUG"/>
> >       <Property Name="LoggingPattern" Value="%d{ISO8601} %-5p %m%n"/>
> >
> > Hope this help..
> >
> > Thanks & Regards
> > Bala L [6328-2068]
> >
> >
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